The Site

Located within the Bedford Local Planning Authority area the site is situated 5km to the north-west of Bedford and to the east of the A6. It is also near the village settlements of Clapham, Milton Ernest, Thurleigh and Bletsoe.

The land in the ownership and control of the promoters extends to some 900ha, of which 490ha would be part of the new settlement. The Twinwoods Business Park is located at the site and is partially occupied and comprises outdated buildings that do not meet the modern needs of business occupants. These buildings include a water tower and sky dive tower with a wind turbine also located outside of the business park. Other than this, the site is largely undeveloped and in agricultural use.

The majority of the site sits on a relatively flat to gently undulating plateau, varying from 75 to 85m with the western and eastern edges sloping down from 75 to 40m.