Garden Village

The most deliverable of all potential sites put forward, with all the land required in the ownership of the two promoters.

Centrally located to meet Bedford's housing needs, scoring the highest in the Council's own assessments.

A new sustainable and innovative Garden Village, free of any major technical constraints.

Includes large areas of brownfield land.

Promoters committed to investment in new infrastructure from the outset.

A new bypass for Milton Ernest and Bletsoe as well as land for a country park and agriculture uses.

Innovation, technology and sustainability at the heart of its design.

  • A new super cycleway to Bedford
  • The first free Wi-Fi settlement and 5G area
  • Growth hubs for tech start-ups and SMEs
  • State-of-the-art Health Centre

Attracting and retaining talent, creating a vibrant new place – Making Bedford.

TwinWoods – A sustainable and innovative Garden Village for Bedford.