Community Involvement

Engagement with local communities across Bedford has provided the cornerstone of our approach to help shape the vision for TwinWoods Garden Village. We have heard directly from residents about their concerns and aspirations for the borough's future.

We believe strongly that TwinWoods Garden Village can deliver tangible benefits to existing communities, whilst also making a significant contribution to Bedford's future prosperity through properly planned strategic growth.

We know there are concerns about traffic in and around existing villages and along the A6. And, we know about the problems faced by residents in Milton Ernest by having the A6 go directly through the village. We have listened and sought to address those problems by providing evidence based and innovative transport solutions such as a new by-pass for Milton Ernest, better pedestrian and cycle routes, park and ride facilities, discounted bus travel, an electric bike scheme, car clubs, sharing and pooling and a modern community transport hub.

We know people are concerned about what Bedford's current draft Local Plan will mean for existing facilities in North Bedfordshire such as GP Surgeries, health services and schools. We have responded by including 4 new primary schools, a secondary school and a state of the art Health Centre within the proposals.

We know there are concerns amongst Bedford's younger and older generations about the availability of affordable homes. We are proposing an affordable housing policy compliant scheme with a good mix of housing, including new starter homes and self-build opportunities.

We also want to support those communities who value the distinctiveness of their villages. We have therefore carefully considered the landscape impacts whilst also creating large areas of green space with land safeguarded for a country park and agricultural uses to prevent coalescence of existing villages. We appreciate that people have strong views about design. We want to celebrate the best design that North Bedfordshire has to offer by taking our architectural cues for TwinWoods Garden Village from those existing towns and villages.

We have demonstrated already that we are committed to meaningful consultation. We will continue to listen and fully involve all stakeholders because creating a successful garden village at TwinWoods depends upon it.

At an early stage consideration will be given to the future ownership and management models. We want to encourage the community to take a degree of control and decisions which have a significant effect on the look and feel of the place and the way it functions.